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Financial Planning for Families

Whether you are a new, growing or established family, Vander Zwaag Financial can work with you to create a customized financial plan to meet your needs.

Education & Budgeting

Understanding where your money goes and creating a budget are vital to building financial wealth, however, these skills are never taught in school. Part of our process with clients is working towards your understanding of, or developing your understanding of, the planning process and having a reason why you are budgeting. When you have a greater vision and plan for utilizing your money, it makes it easier to make changes in the present that align to those goals. 

By educating you on the tools available to you, we are including you in the process of planning to create your financial future.

Retirement Planning/Legacy Planning & Wealth Management

In the process of wealth accumulation, we also paint a picture of your end goal and develop a plan for you to strive to achieve it. This includes the type of retirement you want to have, the legacy you want to leave, any management you need and working towards maintaining and growing your wealth for your lifetime.

Many of our clients have dreams of what their retirement looks like for them, but to aim to reach them they need to create a plan of how they will get there. We help you look at the numbers and provide options of how you can strive towards those goals, including explaining investment vehicles, savings plans and strategies that will help you reach those goals. Curious about what is available to you? Contact Vander Zwaag Financial to learn more.

Estate Planning & Gifting

For many of our clients, their ultimate goal is to live a fulfilling and joyful life, have money to do what they want through retirement and to also have enough money left to leave a legacy for their loved ones – providing the opportunity a better life and future as their legacy.

Most people don’t accidentally fall into money (and if they do, they need a plan to keep it), but instead work hard and create a detailed plan to reach this lifestyle and create their dreams. As financial advisors, we have the experience, tools and resources to help you plan your ultimate goal in retirement planning and gifting. Contact Vander Zwaag Financial today to talk.