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Financial Planning for Business Owners

As business owners ourselves, we understand that your business is your livelihood now, as well as your source of stability for your future retirement and succession planning.

Protect & Grow Your Benefits  

You’ve created a business and are living your passion, but now what? What are you doing to ensure that you are building your retirement, are covered by benefits and are  protecting what you have created? 

At Vander Zwaag Financial, our mission is to help you feel secure in your business. Knowing that you are protected, have access to benefits you would receive if you were an employee, and are maximizing those benefits as a business owner are all ways that we can help.

Contact us today to understand how you can grow and protect your business with a financial plan.

Retaining Employees

While your business exists to serve your customers, employees are the center and heart of your business. Without the right employees, you can’t trust that you are providing your clients / customers with the best service possible. The best way to retain talented and key employees is by offering them a benefit package, along with their regular pay.

As a smaller company, it can seem intimidating to offer benefits to your employees but it pays off long-term with a more stable work environment. At Vander Zwaag Financial, we can help you create a benefits plan that makes it easier to hire and retain stable employees while balancing your costs as the employer. Talk with us today to learn more!

Retirement Planning & Business Exit Strategy

As a business owner, you oversee everything related to your business. Your responsibility includes sales, production, admin, marketing, etc. and that also includes creating your own retirement plan. 

Being a business owner, you have freedoms many others are not able to enjoy, but you have more responsibilities, including creating those freedoms for yourself. Retirement planning focuses on developing a solution for you as the business owner, and can also include Succession Planning or developing a Business Exit Strategy. Depending on where you are in your business, your goals, your timeline, and more, we can help you create a plan that best suits you. We are here to help you create these.