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About VZ Financial

“Our guiding ethic is to protect our clients as if you are our family – giving the same advice that we would take ourselves in a similar situation, while taking your own personal goals into account.”

~Tom Vander Zwaag

Vander Zwaag Financial (VZF) is the father and son team, Dave Vander Zwaag and Tom Vander Zwaag. We understand the value of creating a legacy in your lifetime that can continue to be enjoyed by future generations. However, more importantly, is working toward the goal of building wealth now to ensure you are able to focus on the present.

THE VZF Financial Plan

VZF offers a personal and professional strategy for each one of our clients, providing you with a 3-Step Process to help pursue successful financial planning through education, goal setting, and execution.

Step 1 - Education
Education is the first step in making an informed decision about your financial future.   VZF offers a full range of planning, investment, and insurance services as well as a continuing client education program.

Step 2 – Set Goals
VZF provides step-by-step instructions and data to help you gather facts, organize your thoughts and set priorities for a comprehensive retirement plan based upon your assets and abilities so you can lay the foundation for a comprehensive retirement plan. 

Step 3 – Execution
Success comes when our clients take proactive measures to implement the strategies we have outlined for their financial future.  As an independent investor, you are welcome to execute the action plan VZF has created for you, but our clients are more likely to benefit from an on-going relationship with us.