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Financial Planning for Christians

Vander Zwaag Financial works with Christians in a Biblical-based financial management program that focuses on faith principles, also known as biblically responsible investing (BRI).

Shared Values & Principles

As Christian-based advisors, we share the same values and beliefs as our Christian clients. We focus on lining up our clients' investment options with biblically responsible vehicles that emphasize creating a better world.

To further this cause, we are Kingdom Advisor members. As a member of Kingdom Advisor, we apply biblical wisdom in counsel, are technically competent, are ethical and focus on biblical stewardship.

Financial Stewardship through Faith-Based Retirement Planning

Faith-based and secular retirement planning do have similarities in the process of creating a plan. Firstly, there must a goal in order to create a plan to reach that goal. Second is creating the plan and the need to understand investment options and vehicles to implement within this plan. Often this includes a registered financial advisor to help guide you through the process, whether faith-based or secular.

The common difference between faith based and secular retirement planning is the motivation, or reason why, behind the plan. Sometimes in secular planning there is no defined purpose other than to accumulate wealth, or to increase tax savings and investments. In this case, any vehicle may be used, even if the stock or mutual fund is not a company that is in alignment with their beliefs.

Our purpose with a faith-based retirement plan is to help you in your mission to provide a lifetime of service, to help you define your reason why you are investing, what your goal is, and how it will help create further good in the world through choosing companies that align with your ideals. We work with you to create a plan for biblically responsible investing.

Planning for Generosity

As Christians, what is the balance between wealth accumulation and giving to those in need? Biblical stewardship and radical generosity tell us to put our faith in God and do His work. Financial stewardship is in understanding that wealth accumulation is not for the sake of the wealth itself, but for the good we can do with that wealth.

 At Vander Zwaag Financial, we understand your desire to give back generously and will help you develop a way to include it in your financial plan.

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