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Individual Planning

Estate Planning and Services
Wealth preservation through estate tax reduction is one of the most important and prudent ways to plan for financial success.  VZF recommends formulating a plan of action to help ensure the smooth and affordable transfer of assets to your heirs upon your death. Estate tax laws are constantly in flux; it is imperative that your estate plan is reviewed every year or two for modifications necessary to achieve your ultimate goals.

Tax Planning
One of the best ways to increase wealth is by ensuring your money never leaves your pocket. VZF takes strategic measures throughout the tax year to ensure that your money works for you. Working closely with tax professionals, we offer prudent investment advice in conjunction with tax planning recommendations to reach your financial goals.

No-Fee, No-Obligation Consultation
Our initial consultations are centered on learning about your goals, hopes, and dreams so that we can develop a plan to help you attain them.  Whether it is creating a savings plan, or building a complete investment and retirement strategy, we use this information to help you raise your financial awareness.

*NPC does not provide tax or legal advice.